Homeopathy and Natural Medicine offers a safe, researched and effective alternative or compliment to treat a variety of diseases [1]. The view is holistic and focuses on treating the cause of the condition or illness and not just the symptoms.

With the growing burden of disease in South Africa and worldwide, it is becoming evident that despite our advances in technology and diagnostics, many people are still suffering with the burden of lifestyle diseases. Natural medicines form an effective option to treat and prevent both acute and chronic illnesses. In many cases researched alternative medicines can be used to treat the condition in place of pharmaceuticals, and in other cases they can be used alongside each other yielding the best results for you, the patient.

Many people are suffering more from side effects of the medications they are taking than the original illness/condition itself! These are the typical types of problems that can be rectified and addressed.

In South Africa consultations and medicines are reimbursed by medical aid.


[1] Witt C, Keil T, Selim D, et al. Outcome and costs of homeopathic and conventional treatment strategies: a comparative cohort study in patients with chronic disorders. Complement Ther Med, 2005;13: 79-86 | PubMed
[2] https://www.hri-research.org/resources/essentialevidence/use-of-homeopathy-across-the-world/

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