Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a holistic system of medicine that focuses on treating the underlying root cause of diseases instead of only suppressing the symptoms of disease.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine has an integrated approach, incorporating science and diagnostics to ascertain health problems and then using natural medicines that have been clinically trialed to treat them. It can be used as a standalone treatment or in addition to conventional medicines (except where contra-indicated).

It is multi-factorial in its approach and addresses lifestyle, mind and emotions, diet, medical history, current medications and overall health status

Complementary and Alternative medicine is able to treat multiple diseases and improve underlying health. It also reduces the side-effect burden many people are suffering from as a result of the pharmaceutical medications they are taking. A good example of this is muscle and joint pain from statin drugs (cholesterol medication)- these drugs can be successfully replaced with trialed herbs that bring the levels down without unwanted side effects.

Dr Roxanna Gunter is a registered Homeopath and Doctor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. For more info about Dr Gunter please see About page.

In South Africa consultations and medicines are reimbursed by medical aid.


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