In South Africa, a homoeopathic doctor is trained medically and specialises in complementary and alternative medicine. Homoeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for all levels of illness from simple concerns like the flu, sinusitis and the common cold to more serious long term conditions like allergies & food intolerances, eczema & asthma, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, rising infertility rates,  hypertension and cancer.

Homoeopathic Doctors have a holistic view to illness and to treatment, understanding that good health is much more than popping a pill to suppress the symptoms of ill-health.

Good health and good medicine is the ability to accurately identify and treat the root cause of a disease and restore the sick to health.

The view of natural medicine is that most illnesses can be cured rather than suppressed. Many people today suffer side effects from the pharmaceutical medications they take, and then later find out that their medication has given them a new disease. Examples of this are the development of diabetes with long term cortisone use or the development of osteoporosis with long term use of proton pump inhibitor drugs like Nexium. In some cases chronic medications may be necessary, but there are many situations in which a herbal medicine will be an appropriate alternative without the associated long term deleterious effects on an individual’s health.

The holistic approach to health care encourages the individual to become empowered and participate in their healing process. In cases of chronic disease, many individuals are unaware of appropriate changes that should be made that can alter the course of the disease.

Complementary and alternative medicine is safe, non-toxic, effective and can be extremely rapid in it’s action especially in acute disease.

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