Diagnostics & Services

Homeopaths are Primary contact practitioners- meaning that Homeopaths are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat disease as the first point of call. If required, Dr Gunter will refer you to the appropriate specialist/physician as needed.

Homeopaths are medically trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Introduction to Pharmacology, Pathology and Diagnostics.

Special investigations: Dr Gunter sends for Laboratory Blood work (Lancet/Ampath), ultrasounds or X-Rays in the diagnosis and/or monitoring of diseases.

Infection treatment: Given the global epidemic of antibiotic resistance[1]; [2] Dr Gunter makes use nasal and throat swabbing to correctly identify the cause of an infection (viral or bacterial) in order for the infection to be appropriately treated. Dr Gunter uses extremely fast acting clinically trialed herbs and compounds to treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Alternative/ Auxillary diagnostics: In addition to medical assessments, Dr Gunter may also use blood analysis and/or iridology in the consultation process.

The following is out of a Homeopathic doctor’s scope of practice:

  • Homeopaths cannot prescribe scheduled pharmaceutical medications
  • Homeopaths do not do any medical/surgical procedures


[2] https://blog.csiro.au/antibiotic-resistance-the-epidemic-is-here/