What can I expect at my first consultation?

The first consultation is 60 minutes. It also allows enough time for thorough investigation into the root cause of the health problem. During the first consultation a thorough case taking is conducted that elucidates all relevant information about the problem, addressing current lifestyle, medical history, personal history as well as the qualities and nature of the current health problem being experienced. Following this, a medical assessment and physical examination is conducted and further investigation can be done as and when required.

Who can use Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is safe for use for the whole family. It can be used on infants from birth, it is safe to use during pregnancy and is safe in the elderly as well. Homoeopathy can be used in acute conditions like flu or fever and can be used in the management of long term chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis and autoimmune disease.

Are there side effects?

Homoeopathy itself does not produce side effects. The reason for this is because homoeopathic medicines are not used to suppress symptoms. The moment a medicine is suppressing symptoms, a side effect is the result. Homoeopathic medicines stimulate the body’s own innate capacity for self-healing.  Homoeopathic medicines can however cause an “aggravation”. This sometimes occurs in the 1st-2nd day of taking the medicines. It is a short-lived, slight increase in the intensity of symptoms as a result of taking the medicine, and is followed by improvement/cessation in symptoms thereafter.

How long does it take to see results/improvement?

The time taken to see results or improvement depends on the condition being treated. Acute conditions like fevers can clear up within a few hours of taking the medicine. Other acute conditions like sinusitis, gastro etc can take between 1-3 days to clear, depending on the underlying health status of the individual concerned.

In terms of chronic conditions like infertility and autoimmune disease the period required is more variable. In chronic conditions a degree of improvement can usually be seen within the first month of treatment. The rule in general is, for every year an individual has had a chronic condition, a month of treatment is required to reverse organic and functional changes that have taken place in the body.

Can CAM and Homoeopathy be used together with my conventional medicine?

It depends on which conventional medicines are being used. Most natural medications can be used alongside conventional treatments except where contra-indicated. Often certain conventional medications that are producing troublesome side effects can be replaced by equally effective natural alternatives (which have been clinically proven to do so). A classic example is the side effect of muscle pain, cramping and joint pain as a result of the use of statins in treatment of high cholesterol. Cholesterol problems can be easily managed with natural medicines and change of diet.

Does medical aid cover the consultations and medicine?

Yes, most medical aids do reimburse the patient for our consultations and medicines. The practice is contracted out of medical aid. Therefore the patient needs to settle (by cash/card) after each visit and will receive an electronic invoice thereafter, with which to claim back from medical aid.