Diagnostics & Services

Special investigations: Dr Gunter sends for Laboratory Blood work (Lancet/Ampath), ultrasounds or X-Rays in the diagnosis and/or monitoring of diseases.

Infection treatment: Given the global epidemic of antibiotic resistance[1]; [2] Dr Gunter makes use nasal and throat swabbing to correctly identify the cause of an infection (viral or bacterial) in order for the infection to be appropriately treated.

Alternative/ Auxillary diagnostics: In addition to medical assessments, Dr Gunter may also use blood analysis and/or iridology in the consultation process.

The following is out of a Homeopathic doctor’s scope of practice:

  • Homeopaths cannot prescribe scheduled pharmaceutical medications
  • Homeopaths do not do any medical/surgical procedures


[2] https://blog.csiro.au/antibiotic-resistance-the-epidemic-is-here/