Resources, Links and Research

Please see the following links of mindful approaches to health and treatment of illness:

  1. On the connection of emotions and physical health and the work of Dr Gabor Mate:

2. The Emotional basis of cognition and its connection to children with AD(H)D (Dr Gabor Mate):


3. The mind-body spectrum and the effect of childhood experience on health (Dr Gabor Mate):

4.  Another great resource is the work of Philip Shepherd. As Dr Gabor Mate explains, the mind cannot be separated from the body, and the Self cannot be separated from the world. We live in an increasingly head-centric culture and way of life, and in some respects Illness in the body is a signal to the individual that they are out of touch with Being In the Body.

5. On belief, psychology and orientation/direction for life: Dr J. Peterson on Direction in Life, belief and psychology

6..The Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica is the international  Association of Homoeopathic Doctors worldwide (including South Africa):

6. The Homoeopathic Association of South Africa:


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