Alternative testing involves the use of other modalities outside of conventional medicine that have an auxillary role in determining a functional problem within the body.

The 2 types offered are Live Blood Analysis and Iridology. Live Blood Analysis looks at a smear of your blood on a Dark Field Microscope and analyses findings about the appearance of your blood cells, plasma and other factors.

This can provide us with more information about functional issues in the body, and body pH.

Iridology is a practice of using a magnifying iris lens to analyse appearance and structure of the Iris of the eye.

The research behind iridology relates to Meridian therapies and Chinese medicine in so far as the eye is like a map of the body. When your doctor looks at that map certain analyses can be made related to organ drainage and function which guides remedy choice and treatment procedure.

Dr Gunter often combines both conventional testing methods with alternative testing to get a holistic picture of what the problem is.

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