Why seek an alternative?

So often in my practice I see individuals who feel they have tried everything and have begun to lose hope of getting well. In really listening to the individual and having insight into where they are coming from, I am able to piece together aspects that may have been missing in terms of the onset and maintenance of their disease. In this process, new avenues of expression and treatment are found. As a result of a multi-factorial treatment approach, which embraces to understand the emotional, psychological, and physical realities that the person is experiencing, changes and shifts toward health is achieved.

Homeopathic medicine in particular is about healing the Whole person. It is effective for physical, mental and emotional health complaints.

Health as Partnership

The holistic approach to health care encourages the individual to become empowered and participate in their healing process. In cases of chronic disease, many individuals are unaware of appropriate changes that should be made that can alter the course of the disease.

In cases of chronic illness, it is possible to work alongside conventional medication if those medicines are necessary. In many cases, the medications causing side effects and other problems can be weaned out of the individuals treatment process and replaced with equally effective natural alternatives, until such time as those medicines are no longer needed, by making the appropriate lifestyle changes. Of course, in some cases the individual needs to remain on their conventional medication and use natural medicines as a complementary means to improving their overall health status. These possibilities are assessed more thoroughly in the consultation process.