Dr Roxanna Gunter is in full-time private practice in Sunninghill, Johannesburg established since 2012. For over 12 years she has assisted patients with quality healthcare and complementary/alternative treatment approaches and services to ill-health. She graduated with distinction from the University of Johannesburg (the former RAU University) with a Masters of Technology Degree in Complementary medicine, specializing in Homeopathy. She received awards for the 7 years of study for exemplary academic achievement. She then completed a post graduate qualification at the same university graduating as an acupuncturist, also with distinction. The total amount of time Dr Gunter has devoted to healthcare services, education, training, internship and community service is 9 years, and she has been involved in the healthcare field for 18 years.


In South Africa, training of allied health care practitioners is rigorous and thorough, the only formal qualification that is recognized in South Africa by the Health Authorities, is the degree from the University of Johannesburg, (M.Tech Hom (UJ). Training is medical including pathology, diagnostics, anatomy and dissection, physiology, pharmacology etc. The main difference in the qualification to conventional medicine is that allied practitioners do not prescribe pharmaceutical medication and do not perform any surgical activities. Complementary medicine is appropriate as a first line treatment in many conditions, whilst in certain other conditions it functions in a supportive role. Practitioners that graduate from the University of Johannesburg are considered primary health care practitioners and diagnosticians.

She is:

  • Registered with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPCSA)
  • Registered with the Board of Health Care Funders
  • A member of the Professional Associations
  • She graduated with distinction in both qualifications.

Dr Gunter has been a supervising clinician with the final year students at the training Health Centre at the university, and in 2018 sat on the Scientific advisory committee for the LMHI Scientific research congress, LMHI 2018.

In terms of research, she completed her desktop review on the effects of acupuncture in female health conditions and her field of interest is in treating women’s health conditions, male and female infertility, gut health problems, dietary advice/weight loss and general healthcare. Her knowledge in acupuncture assists with the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, pain management, and fertility.

A word from Dr Roxanna:

My reason for becoming a Homeopathic doctor grew out of my personal experience of being healed. I was sickly as a child, in and out of the Doctors’ office for many years, with recurring illnesses.

I developed Viral meningitis at 14 years of age and suffered with severe chronic headaches which persisted despite heavy medication use.

It was suggested to me to see a Homeopath, and within a few weeks of taking her treatment the headaches had stopped and I fully recovered. She helped me turn my health around. I am grateful for her, and she inspired me to do the same for others.

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Address: Dr Roxanna Gunter
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Phone: 064 651 6067

Dr Roxanna Gunter M. Tech. Hom (UJ) Cum Laude/ Pr no 0470392/ Reg no A11178
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